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Free Microsoft Certification Exams!

Microsoft certifications are a great way to showcase our skills to potential companies and clients, as well as motivate us to keep up with the ever-changing cloud technology landscape, but they can also be expensive. However, there are several ways to get free or heavily discounted certifications in 2023! 

In this blog post, I’ll share the different ways we can save money on our certification goals by getting a free or discounted Microsoft certification coupon.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days are free 1- and 2-day virtual events that offer us the opportunity to expand skills and connect with Microsoft experts.

The amazing thing about virtual training days is that after attending the training, we get a free coupon to take the exam!✌️

Microsoft Virtual Training Days offer free coupons and training for various certifications, but be sure to check back often as they keep adding new opportunities! We can find all the upcoming events at  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/trainingdays  !Remember: we can sign up for several of those trainings for different exams, so it’s not just one!

Focuses on Foundation level certifications:

  • AZ-900
  • PL-900
  • DP-900
  • AI-900
  • SC-900

30 days to learn

Microsoft’s 30-Day Learn It Cloud Skills Challenge  is a long-term program that allows you to complete a “challenge” and then earn 50% off a select Microsoft exam . The challenge is easy: study for the exam in Microsoft Learn! You can study for the test you want to pass using free resources, then save 50%!

With Microsoft’s 30-Day Learn It Challenge, we can currently save 50% on exams, but these can be upgraded at any time! Focuses on Associate level certifications. We can get a discounted exam every 6 months using this program!

I will keep updating this post with new exam discounts for Microsoft certifications. I hope you found it interesting and take advantage of the certifications?